Kruhový tvar a permanentný magnet

Kruhový tvar a permanentný magnet

Ponúkame rozsiahlu škálu magnetických šošoviek so zdvihnutým háčikom o hmotnosti 0,5 kg na zdvihnutie 200 kg, je veľmi silný pre montáž a držanie.

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Kruhový tvar a permanentný magnet



Pot magnet 



Max. pracovná teplota


Max. Prevádzková teplota


≤ 80 ° C

35M - 52M

≤ 100 ° C


≤ 120 ° C


≤ 150 ° C


≤ 180 ° C


≤ 200 ° C


≤ 230 ° C


oblúk,Blok, dlaždice, segment, krúžok, disk, atď


Každá veľkosť


Ni, Zn, Ni-Cu-Ni, epoxidová, zlatá, strieborná, fosfátová, pasivácia


neodým magnet (also called ndfeb magnet, rare earth magnet) is composed of neodymium, iron, boron and some other metal materials. As second-generation rare earth permanent magnet, nowadays it become more and more popular with some industrial products, such as generator, motor, vcm, water meter, door holder and etc. neodým magnet has much higher magnetic power than alnico magnet and ferrite magnet and has excellent stability. It’s of high performance price ratio because of its small volume, light weight and high magnetic power. But it’s easy to be corrosive so proper coating like NiCuNi is needed to prevent it from corrosion. Besides, there are other coatings such as Zinc, Gold, Silver, Expoxy and etc. And max working temperature of neodymium magnet is 80-200 centigrade degree. (detailed information is as following chart) neodým magnets could be made into different shapes, such as block, ring, disc, cylinder, arc and etc.

neodým magnet is divided into sintered neodymium magnet and bonded neodymium magnet according to different production procedure.


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